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See under the hood of your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile Audit reveals any SEO issues that could be harming your current performance. Including duplicate listings, NAP errors, and local ranking identifiers which exist outside of your GBP listing.

Benchmark vs the competition

Know who you’re competing against and how to outrank them. See your top 10 competitors for your most important keywords, and how they’re performing for the most important factors that affect local rankings.

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"My favorite BrightLocal tool is the Google Business Profile Audit, which is unmatched in the industry. By being able to get a snapshot of my progress vs. top competitors, I am able to make tactical decisions easily."
 Casey Meraz - Ethical SEO Consulting
Casey Meraz
Ethical SEO Consulting

Claim More Local Packs

Harness competitor insights and optimization opportunities to fuel your strategy. Lacking reviews? Short on citations? Use BrightLocal’s full toolset to close the gap and grow your local search visibility.

3x your GBP Insights

Don’t settle for 6 months worth of GBP Insights data. We give you 18 months’ worth of performance data so you can make more informed decisions and show clients’ and stakeholders’ progress over time.

Start optimizing and improving your Google Business Profile today!

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"Google Business Profile Audit is amazing at helping you see what your competitors are doing, and which rankings you are lacking."
Joy Hawkins - Sterling Sky
Joy Hawkins
Sterling Sky
"The Google Business Profile Audit takes the hard work out of optimizing a search listing."
Gareth Simpson - GWS Media
Gareth Simpson
GWS Media
GBP Audit has been absolutely invaluable to our success on Google Business Profile. We would not be able to sign nearly as many clients as we do without GBP Audit.
Jeffrey Nadrich - Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers
Jeffrey Nadrich
Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers


What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a platform that helps businesses to market to their customers within Google applications like Search and Maps. It allows you to store all your important business information in one place, both for your customers, and for Google itself, to reference.

Google uses this profile to provide searchers, and potential customers, accurate information on your business

Learn more in our Learning Hub all about Google Business Profile. For a more detailed answer head to “What is Google Business Profile?” to check our detailed guide.

What's the difference between Google My Business and Google Business Profile?

There is no difference between these two Google tools. Google My Business (GMB) is simply the old name for the tool that, in November 2021, became Google Business Profile.

How do I audit my Google business page?

You can do this easily with our Google Business Profile Audit. If you’re not sure how to get started, read our guide on how to create a Google Business Profile Audit report.

How do I create a free Google Business Profile?

You can read our guide on setting up a Google Business Profile. Both the guide, and your GBP, are completely free! You’ll need to start by creating a Google business account.

How do I optimize my Google Business Profile?

Once you have completed a Google Business Profile Audit, you’ll need to start optimizing your profile. Our reports will help you understand the areas that need improving, and you can use our Google Business Profile optimization guide to get started.

You’ll need to make sure that each individual area, from your GBP description and GBP category through to your attributes and posts, are up to scratch.

Customer Reviews

"The GBP Audit tool provides a complete look at the health of all my clients' local profiles. We've found this to be extremely helpful in explaining the importance to the owners, fixing any issues, and providing real data on the performance of their profile."
JD Hilditch
CEO/Founding Partner, Voyage Media Works
The GBP Audit is great for keeping everything I need to know about a clients Google Business Profiles in one easy to navigate dashboard...the tool enables us to keep a close eye on listing rankings for specific keywords and can also see how our clients listings are compare to the competition. This helps us know if the current strategy is having the desired affect, or if it requires tweaking.
Edward Shadrake
Owner, Unearth
"The GBP Audit is great! It provides us and our clients with the info we/they need in a more refined way than GBP Insights."
Jim Froling
President, (949) Local Internet Marketing