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Manage local SEO, business listings, and reviews at scale

The only local marketing platform you’ll ever need

  • Industry-leading local SEO analysis & reporting

  • Enterprise listing management

  • Powerful review monitoring

  • Flexible review generation

Hyperlocal rank tracking at a global scale

Get the complete picture of how your business appears in local search results. No other platform offers accurate local SEO reporting at this scale.

  • Understand the local search visibility for each location.
  • Track keyword rankings with not one, but two powerful local rank tracking tools.
  • Create keyword groups to track visibility for different products and services.

Build new listings to boost local SEO

Whether you have 100 locations or 10,000, we will help you scale your business listings. Our fully managed service ensures accurate submissions with a fast turnaround.

  • We’ll find new citation opportunities across the most powerful directories.
  • Build listings cost-effectively for hundreds of locations.
  • Direct submissions with no recurring fees.
  • Submit to Data Aggregators to reach 1,000s of directories in one go.

Take control of your business listings

Inaccurate listings hurt your SEO performance. Our citation management service will ensure your business information stays accurate at all times.

  • Identify and fix incorrect business listings.
  • Remove duplicate listings that hurt your brand visibility.
  • Update all listings when addresses, phone numbers, and opening hours change.

Stay on top of your online reputation

Monitor online reviews wherever they’re happening, so nothing gets missed.

  • Monitor reviews across multiple sites.
  • Quickly find locations with a low average rating or a lack of reviews.
  • Respond to Facebook and Google reviews with a single click.
  • Spot spikes in negative reviews and real-world issues earlier.

Generate new reviews at serious scale

Create engaging feedback campaigns that will skyrocket your review numbers. Review generation has never been this easy.

  • Create review generation campaigns for each location.
  • Pick which review sites need a boost.
  • Send review request emails and SMS directly from our platform.
  • Create unique links to generate reviews in-store, via SMS, on printed receipts, and much more.

Reporting that delivers insights, not headaches

Spend less time reporting and more time improving results.

  • Automate all of your local marketing reporting.
  • Get both bird’s-eye and granular views of performance.
  • Identify underperforming locations.
  • Generate branded reports that can be shared as a link or PDF.


"Thanks to BrightLocal I was able to achieve a completely dominant position of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd."
Angus Matthew
Group Marketing Manager, Orchard Care Homes

High impact. Minimal effort.

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  • Managed onboarding

  • Enterprise-grade features

  • Automated reporting

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How do I optimize local SEO for multiple locations?

This age-old question doesn’t have a short answer! SEO for multi-location businesses is a little different from an online-only or single brick-and-mortar business. You’ll need to get your head around local ranking factors, make sure your Google Business Profile is up to scratch, and create a proper multi-location strategy.

Looking for more information? Try these resources:
- How to tackle local SEO as a large or franchise business
- Local link building
- Local keyword research
- Improving on-page SEO

Can I track rankings for multiple locations?

Our Local Rank Tracker gives you a birds-eye view of all your locations in one report. It’s that simple.

Do I need location landing pages for local SEO?

Local landing pages aren’t always essential. For a multi-location business, though, they can be. They can help drive visibility across hyperlocal areas without you having to build whole new sites for them.

Before you go about making your own, check out our guide on local landing pages.